Management consulting
for communicators.

Liam FitzPatrick
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We support PR and Communications professionals as they deliver change.

We’re here to help improve your reputation management and strengthen your internal and external communications functions.

Using our own methodology, we review the effectiveness and efficiency of your communications function. We will cast an experienced and critical eye over your communications outputs; both internal and external, written, spoken and digital, and give you an independent view as to whether they are optimised to deliver the outcomes you want. Importantly, we can conduct a rapid review quickly - without stopping the whole operation,

And, when you are supporting change and transformation, we show you where communications makes a difference and help you add value in your organisation.

We are an independent management consultancy not a PR agency. Our clients already have an in-house communications team and will likely have agency support but they are excited by the idea that they can always be better. We will show you how, informed by data and insight, you can improve the effectiveness of your communications operations.

Importantly, we know that performance building is a long-term task, so we will return to monitor progress to ensure your communications function achieves, and then maintains, that ‘best in class’ rating.