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There’s always room for growth. Most of us could use some occasional feedback or a nudge towards a different way of doing things. A better way of doing things
We have a simple methodology designed to generate actionable insights – quickly.

We draw on the experience of seasoned communications leaders with relevant domain knowledge – be that IC & Employee Experience, Corporate Comms, Financial PR or Campaigns.

It’s about spotting improvements quickly – without stopping the whole operation.
Many of the steps in a review can be carried out quickly and teams are usually ready for action planning. That’s why we often do these reviews in just a few days if everyone is focused on where change could be useful.

We start by defining a clear problem statement and then, through a mix of desk research, team conversations and stakeholders interviews, along with external benchmarks and listening, we can normally facilitate an effective action planning workshop in a week or so.

Obviously, some things can take a little longer. Sometimes a short survey or some employee focus groups are helpful. You might want to involve a lot of stakeholders or perhaps set up some benchmarking.

But even if these things take time; we don’t like to hang around any more than you do.

When people want to know, they often want to know now.

Call us to find out how we can run a rapid and effective review - in as little as a week you can be in action-planning mode, moving toards a better communications operation.